In & Out of the Citadel - Harlech Wells 2014

Today I would like to tell you briefly about my art path in the past five years and I’m going to show you some of my works.

The Good News

The Magical Capes


The Good News is a series of works that originated from a particular event in my life. It is a multidisciplinary research based on the study of the Apocryphal Gospels. It is made up of nearly one hundred works – paintings, sculptures and carvings – exhibited for the first time in Trieste at the end of 2013. This work allowed me to develop my printmaking language also with black and white prints, and made it possible to create artist’s books, three-dimensional works reflecting the primary colours on the underlying surface, small theatres and paper sculptures. Then I worked with embossing experimenting different kinds of paper. I used the same matrices and I created some “variations on a theme” by using mixed techniques and colours.

As for the paintings, they are big-sized oil on canvas with some surrealistic symbolic elements. These works were mostly painted in tones of white, which represent the divine part, in contrast with red, which represents carnality. Some research was conducted on blue, used to make shaded areas.

Finally, I made some sculptures with raw clay, wax and gold leaf.

All the works featuring in this research have cracks, cuts, non-painted areas as common traits, which represent the meeting point between the sacred and profane.

The Magical Capes are a later research. They are big paintings where a story is told through the clothes, the covering of the human figures. In this research gold leaf is widely used, treated with bitumen, aged or printed.

From the Magical Capes, Defragmentation originated. To create it, I selected different areas in the human figure, I cut and re-elaborated those areas and then I recomposed them in a way which is completely different from the original.

Along with painting, I did some research on carving and I obtained fragmentation of traditional images using classical techniques. This fragmentation was obtained by printing images on top of each other on paper that was soaked, crumpled and then spread out.

From this moment on the human figure is abandoned and the imaginary and the symbolic – a new language, a new alphabet, a new syntax – are represented.

This was a brief outline of my art path.