In & Out of the Citadel - Harlech Wells 2014

I have decided to consider the ruins – or fragments – of Harlech Castle, which is an important part of the historical heritage of the Welsh people as well as a meeting point. I felt free to define as “significant” what happens inside the walls and “insignificant” what happens outside and I associated it with the title of the exhibition “IN and OUT of the Citadel”.

That is my own choice, of course other artists could have a different point of view.

I transferred this concept to the human figure painted with oil on canvas and, with the help of a rectangular shape cut out of a piece of paper, I selected the significant and the insignificant parts of the work. That way a defragmentation process was used, aimed at choosing what parts should be kept and what parts should be removed. I chose defragmentation because it is an IT word which gives this idea very well. From this process I obtained some fragments which I re-elaborated and re-composed following a pattern different from the original one. I think these new works have a strong and unpredictable impact.

At the same time I transferred this concept also to the graphics: I used traditional techniques and subjects and I obtained fragments of images printed on top of each other on paper that was soaked, crumpled and then spread out.

I obtained a work made of small and medium sized fragments and it is a work in progress which will be continued in the imaginary.